2015 Abbeyfield Week

Some of the activities Abbeyfield houses are conducting in the week 27th September to 3rd October:
  • Abbeyfield Australia are looking for SKYPE partners for local Australian houses. They envisage a skype meeting to share experiences and learn more about each other’s Abbeyfield system. Our St Francis Way house will be participating
  • Some are planning an Aussi themed meal – maybe a BBQ with prawns or shrimps/Australian beer/wine/Ginger beer
  • We are Inviting Aussi friends to dinner
  • Share your memories of WW2 – in service or without. We would like some snippets to post (anonymously if necessary) on the website page.
  • The usual “open home” publicity could include ANZAC biscuits.
  • Mixing the Christmas cake - we are making this a shared event with all residents invited to "stir the mixture".
We encourage all Abbeyfield New Zealand houses to use this promotion to reach out to their communities.


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