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This section of the Abbeyfield New Zealand website contains material local Abbeyfield Societies will find useful including:

  1. Best Practices for Structuring and Managing an Abbeyfield House.
  2. Setting up a new local Society.
  3. Recruiting and keeping volunteers.

The Board of Abbeyfield New Zealand regularly reviews this material and adds to it, or amends it as appropriate. The Board welcomes suggestions of additional material members may find useful or reports of circumstances where the Best Practices are not applicable or inadequate. In such cases please contact the General Secretary.

All material in this section is copyright Abbeyfield New Zealand intellectual property. It may only be downloaded or copied by authorised members of affiliated Abbeyfield Societies for their own use in developing an Abbeyfield project or managing an Abbeyfield house.

Best practice manuals

Best Practices for Structuring and Managing an Abbeyfield house. Abbeyfield New Zealand is committed to providing the highest standards of housing and management services for our residents. These Best Practice manuals are designed to assist local Societies as they strive for quality in all their operations.

The manuals are regularly reviewed and the most up to date versions are included in this website library. The Board welcomes additional suggestions for new manuals or improvement of existing manuals based on your local experience.


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