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Abbeyfield Greymouth – planned development

About this house

Abbeyfield Greymouth is working with Abbeyfield Properties to develop a house for 12 residents. The house will provide much-needed affordable rental housing for over-65s on the West Coast.

Development West Coast has made a $500,000 commitment to the project, which it says is aligned to the region’s housing and aged care strategies. It says the Abbeyfield house will help increase the availability of affordable, stable and welcoming housing for older Coasters. It will also have a positive economic benefit for the region.

Abbeyfield Greymouth is looking for a suitable site for the house, ideally within about 1km of the town centre and 1500 to 2000 square metres in size. It still needs to raise significant funding to build the house and it hopes the West Coast community will get behind the project.

When established, the house will enable more Coasters to live out their lives in their local community, rather than being forced to leave the region to find suitable housing.

If you would like to get involved with the steering committee or help with fundraising activities, please contact Abbeyfield Greymouth – see contact details below.


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Contact Abbeyfield Greymouth

If you’d like to volunteer with us or support us, please get in touch.

Phone: Chairperson Lyn Heine 03 762 5553 cell 021 259 8150
Postal address: Abbeyfield Greymouth, 1517 State Highway 7, Dobson 7872
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