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Abbeyfield houses an “oasis of hope”

Abbeyfield houses have been described as a “rare oasis of hope” for older renters in New Zealand, because of the lack of other affordable rentals for older people. A Stuff article highlights the gap Abbeyfield houses are filling and features interviews with Abbeyfield residents.

Lyn Evans, a resident at Abbeyfield Mata Close in Nelson, says the house is a “wonderful” place for her because it gives her security and the freedom to participate in the activities she enjoys. “Abbeyfield allows me to be the woman I want to be,” she says. She wouldn’t be able to afford a rental in the private marketplace because she lives on her National Superannuation, she explains. At Abbeyfield she is comfortable, well fed, and can enjoy the companionship of other residents.

The article outlines the growing demand for affordable rentals for older people and the slow pace at which such housing is being developed. Abbeyfield New Zealand executive officer, Susan Jenkins, says while there has been a focus on ensuring there are affordable first homes for young people, the need for “affordable last homes” for older people is just as great.

You can read the Stuff article here.



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