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Outstanding contribution to Abbeyfield recognised

Congratulations to Martin Stephenson and Terry Foster, who have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to Abbeyfield. They have received the Royal Patron’s Award – an award made by The Abbeyfield Society in the United Kingdom. Just three of these awards were given out this year outside of the UK.

Terry, pictured left, has played a leading role in the development of Abbeyfield across New Zealand, and has been actively involved in the construction of 5 Abbeyfield houses, providing expertise in housing design and project management on a voluntary basis. He has also served as secretary and chair of Abbeyfield Auckland and is a director of Abbeyfield Properties Ltd.

Martin has been involved with Abbeyfield Auckland for more than 15 years as treasurer and maintenance co-ordinator, and takes an interest in the lives of every resident at the Abbeyfield Auckland house.

The awards were presented at the recent Abbeyfield New Zealand national conference.

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